Divorce (or dissolution of marriage) will make a huge impact on your family and change your life pretty significantly. As a family law attorney, I will guide you through this process and make sure that everything gets resolved as efficiently and effectively as possible, so your most valuable assets are protected.

I have helped numerous clients obtain just settlements or judgments related to:

  • Custody / Allocation of Parental Decision Making
  • Visitation / Allocation of Parenting Time
  • Child Support
  • Property Division
  • Alimony / Maintenance

High Net Worth Divorce

Complex financial issues add an additional layer to the traditional divorce. There are different considerations that need to be made if you have a large number of assets, a business, multiple properties, or complicated investment structures. 

My financial background puts me in a unique position to understand how to properly value your assets and calculate the short and long term tax consequences of your settlement or judgment.

Estate Planning

Writing a Will or creating a Trust are typically not front of mind when couples get married. However, a Will can minimize any conflict between family members because you can clearly lay out your wishes. Also, a Will can ensure your assets are protected for your spouse and any children should you die. 

When you get married setting up a trust can protect your assets, potentially provide tax benefits, and provide a mechanism for supporting your family. As your family law attorney, I can help you establish a trust that protects your finances, your family, and your future. 

As your family law attorney, I will help you protect your most valuable assets.

family law attorney Brian Grady will help you protect your most valuable assets
Your family is priority with family law attorney Brian Grady
Brian Grady will help you with your estate and trust planning

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Today, it is more common for couples entering into a marriage to have a plan should they choose to divorce. A prenuptial agreement (created before the marriage) or a postnuptial agreement (created after the marriage) will help you determine how assets, debts, and other financial issues are addressed. 

Having a plan is essential if you are independently wealthy, own a business, are entering into a second marriage, or if you just want to make certain your financial future is secure. As a family law attorney, I have created many prenups and postnups that prevent couples from having to endure a lengthy litigation process should the marriage ends. Most importantly, these agreements have ensured that my client’s financial future is secure.

Post Judgment Issues

After your divorce is finalized, your life circumstances may change. You may not be able to meet the financial requirements or parenting responsibilities that were established in your settlement or judgment. That is why the Illinois Dissolution of Marriage Act allows agreements to be modified. If your partner is capable, but not meeting the agreed upon requirements, you may need an attorney to help you enforce the settlement or judgment.

Even if I didn’t help you with your initial divorce, as a family law attorney, I can assist you with any post judgment issues that may arise. If you need a settlement or judgment enforced, we will pursue every legal avenue to ensure it is upheld. If you need something modified because your circumstances have changed, we will get through the process as efficiently as possible and still make sure you are protected.

We will take care of your family law issue as efficiently as possible and still make sure your future is secure.


If biological parents are not married when a child is born, paternity must be established in order for the father to be considered the legal father of the child and for his name to be added to the birth certificate. 

Establishing paternity not only gives the biological father more rights to his child, it also can provide security for the child. It will allow the biological father to pursue parenting time and visitation and likely provide additional monetary support for the child. 

Domestic Violence / Orders of Protection

You need to pursue legal action right away if someone threatens you or your child. Any threat of physical harm, according to the Illinois Domestic Violence Act, is an act of domestic violence and you can pursue criminal charges.

We will begin by securing an Order of Protection for you and your child, to restrict your abuser. Once that is put in place, we will determine what steps should be taken next. Whether you want to pursue criminal charges or obtain a divorce, I will make sure you and your children are safe.