As your divorce lawyer, it is my responsibility to protect your family, your finances, and your future

Divorce can drastically change the financial situation of both parties. Although it can be a difficult process, my responsibility as your divorce lawyer is to ensure your finances are secure. With my financial background, I am able to thoroughly analyze standard and complex legal issues. I am able to clearly articulate those issues so you understand the immediate and long term implications of any agreement entered into. 

Divorce will make a significant impact on a family. As an experienced divorce lawyer, I understand the critical role I play for the entire family unit. Although your family is going through a pretty significant change, it is my responsibility to protect your family, so you all can move forward.

Change inevitably comes with divorce, but your life can change for the better if you have excellent representation. I know what an important role I play as an attorney. I know how the decisions we make can affect your finances and your family. And, I know that as a divorce lawyer, I need to protect your family, your finances, and your future. 

What drives me, as a divorce lawyer, to protect my clients

Not long after I became a lawyer, I was involved in a case where a family was torn apart by the death of one parent. The other parent was charged with her death. I immediately realized exactly how important the lawyer was to the family as a whole.

Not only was I a legal advocate, I was also a family spokesperson, an advisor, a counselor, and at times the leader of that family unit. This case provided me with a deeper understanding of my responsibilities to the family as a whole. 

First and foremost, I am here to provide legal assistance to my client. But as a family lawyer and divorce lawyer, I always need to consider how decisions will affect all members of the family. Protecting your family means protecting the:

  • Parent-child relationship,
  • Co-parent relationship,
  • Family business,
  • Assets a family holds, and
  • Future generations.

What motivated me to become an attorney

In my office I have a framed essay I wrote as a second grader stating that I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up. One of the main reasons included within the letter was that I wanted to help people and have them depend on me. 

Those words have held true over the years, and I entered the legal profession to provide people with the legal help they need. The area of family law was particularly fitting because family law issues are some of the most crucial issues and can have incredible affects on people’s lives. 

Today, I am continuously reminded of my passion to help and protect people. Recently, I had a client, a father, who had alcohol and drug issues in the past. He had turned his life around, had been clean for a few years, and had the motivation to stay on the right path. His child. 

My interest in helping my client resulted in this father gaining custody of his child after trial. My passion for protecting families resulted in a father and son being reunited. And my determination to ensure my clients have a fulfilling future means that this father doesn’t have to miss another baseball game, music concert, or moment with his child.

Other interesting information about me

As a father of four children, I have an understanding of the numerous issues facing families, especially those that could arise when parents are living in different homes or are contemplating a divorce.

My children have participated in all types of travel sports; competitive dance, cheerleading, and other extracurricular activities over the years. That provides me with a unique perspective, knowledge and understanding of the importance these activities play in both a parent and child’s life, which does not end when parents divorce. A parent’s involvement in all of the events in a child’s life is of utmost importance and I will work to make sure those moments are not missed.

Even though I may not be the young man I was when I first became a lawyer, I continue to enjoy watching and playing sports, which remains an important part of my life. As some of my children have left for college, I have become more of a college sports enthusiast and follow the basketball and football team where my children attend. I would name the colleges, but do not want to  turn off anyone reading this who may have a certain distaste for those universities.

My children have attended both public school and private school over the years, so I have an understanding of both educational systems. I also have first hand knowledge of the inner workings of the issues surrounding children who may require additional assistance at school as it relates to an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 plan for specific accommodations. These familial issues can arise when parents divorce, and having someone who has faced these formidable obstacles is critical in any case.

While many people think of divorce as an end to a relationship, I learned long ago, that a divorce/dissolution of marriage can be a new beginning for both the parents and their children. Because of this, I attempt to utilize a fair and balanced approach when addressing parenting issues, taking into account the unique family specific facts to each case.  

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