Family Law Attorney Brian Grady | Handling the Holidays After Divorce

Whether you and your ex have children together or not, the holidays after divorce can be difficult. Family law attorney Brian Grady has helped many clients navigate the holidays after divorce and can offer some advice on how to have an enjoyable holiday season. If you need a consultation to review your parenting plan or discuss your family’s holiday plan, in general, contact him for a consultation at (630) 351-4466.

The holidays are supposed to be a time for celebrating our families, friends and loved ones. But sometimes life gets in the way. If you’ve recently gone through a divorce, it can be especially difficult to get into the holiday spirit. Now is the time to let go of the past, make some new traditions, and take care of yourself. The holidays will be different, but they can still be enjoyable.  

Let Go of the Past

When you’re in a relationship, there are many things that can be difficult to let go of. You may have been together for years and made so many memories together. You might have children or pets that bring you joy and comfort every day. But when the relationship ends, these things can become painful reminders of what was lost. You should avoid holding onto these feelings or thoughts as much as possible because they can be harmful to your mental health and make it more difficult for you to move forward with life after divorce. 

Family law attorney Brian Grady recommends focusing on the future. What do you want the holidays to look like, now that your life has changed? Do you want to make it a solo adventure? Do you want to surround yourself with friends and family? If you have children, what do you want them to experience during the holidays? Redefining what the holiday season will look like can be an adventure in itself. You don’t have to meet your former partner’s expectations of what the holidays should be. Let go of the past and shape your future.

Create new traditions

Once you have decided what you want to experience during the holidays, you are ready to create some new traditions. Perhaps you will take a vacation with a like minded group of adventurers. Maybe you will add in a spa day or fancy night out with friends. Whatever you want to do, now is the time where you can make that choice for yourself. 

If you have children, enlist their help in creating new traditions. If you always went to see Santa with them at the mall, but now your former partner is going to do that, decide on something else together. Do they want to go to a holiday festival with you? Do they want to see a movie at the theater together? Do they want to go Black Friday shopping as a family? The goal is not to keep everything the same because it will not be the same. Rather, find new ways to spend time together and just enjoy yourselves. 

When there are children involved, you do need to work with your former partner to ensure that everyone is on the same page with the holiday schedule. If that poses a particularly difficult challenge for you, contact family law attorney Brian Grady. He has vast experience helping clients with their parenting plan and will ensure you are set up for success. 

Get support when you need it

If you are facing the holidays after divorce, it is important to plan ahead. Planning in advance will help you reduce the stress of all that comes along with it. You can make a list of things to do and prioritize your tasks so that nothing gets forgotten or rushed.

It is also important not to be afraid to ask for help from friends and family members if you need it when handling the holiday season after a divorce. Many times people feel like they have no other choice but to do everything on their own during this stressful time, but everyone needs support, especially during the holidays.

Friends and family members who understand what you’re going through, and have a positive attitude about divorce will likely want to support you. If you feel like your support system is lacking, remember that there are many ways to find new people to lean on during this time. You may consider joining a group, volunteering at a local charity center or animal shelter, or seeking out counseling. The holidays can be tough for anyone going through personal challenges, but with a support system in place you can have a successful holiday season. 

Family law attorney Brian Grady can help you navigate the holidays after a divorce

The holidays can be a difficult time after divorce. You may find yourself feeling sad, depressed, angry, resentful, or lonely. You might feel left out by family members who don’t want to make a big deal about your status as a single person during the holidays. If you’re facing any of these feelings this year because of your divorce, it’s important to remember that it’s completely normal and there are ways you can cope with them.

Keep in mind your mental health and physical wellbeing, plan ahead, create new traditions, and seek out supportive people. If you need legal support, family law attorney Brian Grady can help. Contact him for a consultation.