Divorce attorney Brian A Grady recommends you have your prenuptial agreement reviewed

You want to ensure that it is legally enforceable in case of divorce

A prenuptial agreement is a great way to protect yourself and your significant other when you get married. However, it’s not too difficult for an agreement to have errors or unlawful terms in them. Divorce attorney Brian A Grady recommends that you make sure the agreement is up to date before signing. 

It can be tricky creating bulletproof Prenups, but if you have an experienced divorce attorney, you will prevent future problems. This will ensure that courts will honor what was already agreed upon by both parties while they were still together.

You want to verify there are no errors that would invalidate the agreement

Of course, when you get married, you plan to stay together. However, divorce does happen, so now is the time to make sure your prenuptial agreement doesn’t have any errors. 

Errors that could invalidate your prenuptial agreement 
Incomplete or false information, especially involving one or both spouse’s finances
Including terms that are illegal, such as forfeiting child support or custody
Including “unconscionable” terms that leave only one spouse in severe financial hardship
Signing an agreement under duress or pressure
Signing an agreement without proper time for consideration
Signing an agreement without reading it
Signing an agreement without independent legal counsel for each spouse

A poorly crafted prenuptial agreement may create more problems than it was intended to solve, which is why it is important to hire divorce attorney Brian A Grady, who has vast experience in family law. It is always better to know about potential conflicts before they arise during the divorce process. The sooner you identify these issues, the more time you have to plan your divorce strategy accordingly and protect your rights until the process finalizes.

Signing a valid prenuptial agreement will protect your assets, divide debt equitably,

Divorce Attorney Brian A Grady | Prenuptial Agreements
Divorce Attorney Brian A Grady | Prenuptial Agreements
Divorce Attorney Brian A Grady | Prenuptial Agreements
Divorce Attorney Brian A Grady | Prenuptial Agreements

and give you peace of mind if a divorce should occur.

You don’t want to drag out a divorce, set yourself up for success by ensuring you have a legally enforceable prenup

These errors and others may undermine the validity of the agreement and create opportunities for one or both spouses to challenge the agreement. Challenging a prenuptial agreement is risky for spouses, and may drag out the divorce process, significantly increasing the cost of the divorce.

In some cases, prenuptial agreements do not treat each party fairly. While these agreements allow each party great flexibility in determining the terms of divorce, courts have the authority to approve or disapprove of all terms in an agreement. Again, this means that the divorce process may end up getting dragged out. 

Divorce attorney Brian A Grady has the expertise to ensure you are protected

When it comes to prenups, they need to meet certain criteria for them to be legally enforceable. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and want a fresh set of eyes on your legal documents or if you just want more information about how this process works so that you can protect yourself and the things that matter most during divorce, I am here for you. I understand what it feels like to go through such an emotionally taxing event as divorce and will do everything in my power to help guide you through these tough times with ease. You deserve peace of mind when going into any new phase of life!